So, last week the Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar had suggested that cartoonist Zunar should stick to drawing Donald Duck instead of insulting leaders through his cartoons.

Khalid was reported as saying; “He can draw McDonald or Donald Duck, anything, no one will care but don’t insult people,” when commenting on the political cartoonist’s arrest last week.

Zunar is no stranger when it comes to simplifying national issues into cartoons – with majority of his cartoons poking fun at the scandalous Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak.

Infact, his erm.. “relationship” with Khalid goes a long way back due to these factors.

Facing the possibility of being imprisoned for more than 40-years for a total of nine sedition charges against him, along with a handful of members of the public who are unhappy with his cartoons, Zunar remains defiant.

Through his Facebook page on Friday, Zunar even teased about the oncoming cartoon.

And today, he reveals a hilarious Donald Duck-esque cartoon of his favourite subjects…no prize for guessing who they are!

The cartoon’s big reveal on Zunar’s Facebook page this morning has gained numerous likes, shares and comments.

Coincidentally, graphic illustrator, Fahmi Reza, faces trial at the Ipoh Sessions Court today, for his now infamous clown face caricature.

He is accused of initiating a false communication on Facebook with intent to annoy another’s feelings and charged under Section 233(1) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

This is related to Fahmi’s Facebook postings back in February 2016, involving a fake MCMC warning poster, with Najib’s clown face, that asked people to “stop spreading disgraceful pictures of national leaders”.

Fahmi, who plead not guilty to the charge, has also posted on Facebook regarding his trial today.

“In Malaysia, criticising a nation’s corrupt leader through graphic art is considered a crime and fit for trial in court.

“No matter what the charge or punishment, I will continue opposing…Wish me luck,” he says to his social media audience.

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