Probably by now you would be familiar about activist Fahmi Reza who raised quite a shit storm through his bold caricature of Najib Razak as a clown in January this year.

A catalyst for introducing protest art at the Bersih rallies, the activist cum political graphic designer is now missing in action.

That’s right. Missing. His last Facebook update was on Sept 16.

His recent Twitter activity is a re-tweet of a Malaysiakini news-piece of his clown face charge dating a month back – Sept 4 (it says Sept 5 at the bottom but do check Fahmi’s Twitter profile @kuasasiswa).

And ever since then, Fahmi has remained largely silent, digitally.

Eksentrika tried all attempts to communicate with the activist, all of which proved futile.

Forever alone..
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Forever alone..

Fahmi was charged for allegedly ridiculing the allegedly scandal riddled Malaysian Prime Minister, with the Kuala Lumpur Cyber Court fixing Oct 11 on the decision to grant a stay for his trial. (Please note the word allegedly for both instances, kay)

This follows after Fahmi boldly decided to challenge the constitutionality of the charge he faces under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act on the grounds that it infringed his right to express himself.

The dude has been pretty out there when it came to expressing himself.

I mean, he had the telur to show Mahathir Mohamad a copy of his colouring book titled “ABC Politikus Malaysia” where he drew a caricature of the former prime minister gesturing a middle finger.

Telur besi bro. Image credit: Albert Ng.
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Telur besi bro. Image credit: Albert Ng.

And we all thought he was gonna be behind bars for the middle finger. Surprise, surprise!

It was also at the very same Art for Grabs event in June where Fahmi was detained instead for allegedly selling seditious materials – namely t-shirts of a clown-faced Najib emblazoned with the words #KitaSemuaPenghasut

At the rate he was going, he also amassed a following locally and internationally after distributing stickers of a clown-faced Najib to the public.

Konichiwa! Image credit: Fahmi Reza's Facebook.
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Konichiwa! Image credit: Fahmi Reza’s Facebook.

There could be various factors as to why the activist has decided to remain silent. Eksentrika speculates it could be due to his trial.

But with Malaysia fast becoming a circus show, Eksentrika hopes Fahmi is alright.

I mean, the least he could do is post a “Saya okay,” on Facebook, right? Right?


Fahmi read our post and replied!

He has taken a 30-day vacation from the social media to finish up some offline work. He promises to be back on Oct 16.

Phew, glad the man is alright! Sorry to make you all cemas!

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