feature image: Giacomo Antonio Melchiorre Ceruti, called Pitoccheto ‘the little beggar’ (Milan, 1698-1767)

I sit here and watch. The plains of vast deserts, the glacier of snow-capped mountains, the breath of four seasons, the streams leading to rivers and waterfalls and eventually the ocean. A keen observer I sit here in awe. Men and Women go about chasing desire after desire with no end coming to the question what on earth am I doing. I watch. Rascals and Saints, Leaders and Followers, Preachers and Politicians, Wise old men and Reckless youths. I watch them with my eye brows crossed. Children so utterly innocent and naive chasing each other across lush green finely cut grass.What lush grass. The ocean of joy and wonder. I lay back, clench my fist and a grin on my face I sit as an audience among actors witnessing this epic play. Men bound by honor and cowards flee, people in love and the poets sing. I get off my seat and the door closes behind me, I stand before the porch of the house I once grew up in. I stand a keen, humble and intuitive observer of birds chirping and cars passing by. I stand with my arms crossed behind my back and I know that I know nothing. I am the Silent Pariah across the street sitting on a bench as a humble observer.

Theva Kuhan is a an enthusiast of aesthetics and a passionate lover of the arts. A psychology major and a pacifist with the soul of a revolutionary. Loves to act and direct, be it the stage or behind the camera. Writes and draws a little, spends time questioning everything and deprogramming thoughts constantly. 

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