Silhouette of Cat Under Orange Sunset by Pixabay

Against the dark skies, I sat on the floor at the lobby and waited for my owner to fetch me.

It had been hours since I sat here. I meowed, purred, and dragged myself to a pool of water.

I was dusty and dirty.

Everyone seemed oblivious to my existence. They ignored me!

I was starting to get hungry. What if my owner forgot about me? What if they left me to… No. That can’t be right. They love me. They said that I would always be their number one.

My stomach rumbled. Someone’s coming at last!

But… but… who IS she? Why is she crying?

Wait! Wait!

Where am I going?

“You’re coming home with me,” was all this stranger said.

She made sure I was carefully wrapped in a towel and checked for something called fleas. They were supposed to suck my blood. Eeewww!

My left leg seemed to bother this lady a lot.

“I’m going to get you a vet. Your left leg looks broken,” she whispered.

Broken? Naaah lady! You’ve got it wrong. See? I can still whiz around like a skateboard.

I was drenched in warm water and soap. My new owner also introduced me to her other cats. They were bigger than me.

I slept in a cage for awhile and was not neglected. I meowed loudly and loved the way my chin was rubbed.

Each day, my owner left the flat and kissed me. “Take care of the place while I’m gone. Be good,” she said.

She often returned home late and seemed exhausted. The other cats and I always greeted her at the front door. We could hear her footsteps four doors away.

One day, she placed me on a blue pillow and we talked.

“Mia? Would you like that?” she asked.

It’s been three weeks now. And I’ll never leave her side.

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“I recently rescued a paralyzed kitten and thought it would be best to write from her point of view. It’s sad to see plenty of unrecorded abandoned cases due to various factors. Among which are financial issues especially when it comes to caring special needs animals. I hope Mia’s Story will raise awareness on the plights faced by other animals,” says Elly Van Dalen, a full time journalist and independent animal rescuer for the past six years.

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