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I am very sure none of us can live without music.

To me, music is everything. Only my taste varies on a daily basis. I may love emo slow rock tonight and then EDM when tomorrow comes.

In my life, five songs have shaped my life in the most beautiful yet unimaginable way. This story comes with a heavily no holds barred confession alert.

1. Best I Ever Had – Vertical Horizon

This song was a hit in the year 1999 and still rings a bell when I heard it on the radio recently, while in the Grab.

It reminds me of my first boyfriend. He would record this song and play it over and over again on the phone, and then apologise after we had whirlwind intense arguments. Even before I developed the intense interest to write, the lyrics had appeared to be relatively poetic in nature.

Whenever this song comes on, I’ll put a smile on my face as to how this former lover spent hours over the phone just to win my trust and heart back, much to his own interest.

2. The World to Believe in – Celine Dion

The year 2014 was the worst turning point of my life. My late-dad was battling a terminal illness; I had to handle his business, accompanying him to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Then, I met this guy through a writing community. We hit it off quick. Our dates were mostly hanging out at the café and writing intensively. He knew what I was going through. Never failed to give me encouragement and words of wisdom. On the more settling point, my poems started to receive acceptance by the USA journals and magazines, and he was there to share my joys as well.

Dion’s song was the first that came into play when he introduced me to Spotify. But the table’s turned when he called off this writing-confidante-partnership. It started when my ailing father wanted to meet him by his death bed. No one would imagine the words that flew from his mouth are nothing but venomous and appallingly heart-breaking.

Of course, I discarded my goodie-good-Catholic girl behaviour arguing with him using more profanities than facts. After the turmoil, I realised the most suitable track for this brief relationship is Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble.

3. Soldier of Fortune – Opeth

This is a favourite song from a local emerging poet. He played this song on the radio (on loop) along the LDP when we were on our way to watch him perform at an open mic session.

He had pupils that penetrated into my soul each time we engaged in conversations. He was six years my junior and we happened to attend the same secondary school. After that night, we talked through WhatsApp for few weeks. Suddenly, he said we should stop communicating due to his exhaustion at work. Because he had to wake up early for his shift, he couldn’t keep up with my energetic vibe.

In return, I replied in a sarcastic manner the ‘solution’ to solve his problem. About a month or so, he announced on social media that he’s in a steady heterosexual relationship. They met in a gym in early July. I was really crushed but I’d learned my lesson – of not falling for someone that easily.

4. Hole in My Soul – Aerosmith

I met this guy on Craigslist.

He’s same age as me, and our music influence involves Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Scorpion, Hole, Green Day and Nirvana. I was absolutely hooked when he introduced ‘Hole in My Soul’. Only then I learnt that the track can be found in Aerosmith’s Nine Lives album, which I’ve always had ‘Falling in Love (Is Hard on The Knees)’ on my Spotify playlist.

The reason we didn’t meet face to face is because he wants me to be his Fuck Buddy only (and expect nothing more than that). He said the song (HiMS) reminds him of the ‘hole’ in his heart and soul that was left un-treated from his first girlfriend. I didn’t talk to him, until recently.

He texted, confessing to me about a brief meeting with his former friends with benefit, who recently got married and is looking for a thrill in FMF threesome. Yes, you got it. I was their chosen third party. Of course, I ignored him. 

5. These Arms – All 4 One

Last year, this song became meaningful when an old friend and I shared the depth of an unspeakable sentiment. I barely know him back in college. However, we started keeping in touch two years back (mostly because he’s still single) after my rather rough patch with a guy.

I never thought he’s the nostalgic kind, until most of our conversations surrounding the 80s and 90s cartoon characters, R&B Hip-Hop music, TV shows and movies.

Now, we‘re used to sending each other memes and interesting YouTube videos. He is definitely different from all the guys I’ve met, or briefly encountered. But for now, he’s the only male friend I’m still keeping in touch in the longest period of time.

I’m looking forward to see what’s in store for us.

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