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His Facebook wall was filled with birthday wishes since midnight. But none of the friends noticed his status on his mother’s passing away, a day earlier.


Many handsome men were asking for her hand in marriage, but she has been saying ‘No’ to all the proposals.

Business was booming, and even politicians were beginning to patronise. Thus, she has determined to stay a virgin and take care of the Nasi Kukus Anak Dara stall.


He didn’t like being pushed around by his wife. She was fully aware of the gaze from the public. But they had no better option since he lost both legs, and she an arm, in the freak accident.


“Could I just be your best friend instead?”

“But, why?” She asked, obviously shocked.

“I couldn’t take all the public display of affection anymore. I don’t want to be your lapdog. It’s about time you let me off the leash,” he picked his courage to speak his mind.

She obliged tearfully. The dog ran off happily to pee by the fire hydrant.


They danced all night. He hugged her real close, not wanting to let her go.

She finally moved her hands from around his neck. “We should stop now,” she whispered in the crowd.

He obeyed unwillingly, and seated her back in the wheelchair.


Micro-fictions (flash fictions) are very short stories which possess the literary quality and ability to unfold larger untold stories in the reader’s imagination.

Uthaya Sankar SB has been writing and publishing short stories, novels, poems, and essays in Bahasa Malaysia since 1992. Little known fact is that he thinks – and his creative process happens – naturally in English.

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