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POETRY | Good Enough by Charles Chiam

“Why do you avoid me?” Because you scare me. “Why do I anger you?” Because I fear you. “Have I not done enough?!” I am never good enough That’s how you made me feel “Don’t you care how I feel?!” No, not anymore And never will, anymore “I’m trying to change” I too, tried to change But, did you know? No, you don’t, no How I feel stupid Because of your words How I feel weak Because of your actions Only when I had a twisted goal And was ever so close To meet my true Goddess Were you...

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POETRY | When Silence Reigns by Jayati Roy

The earth casts a shadow, And our hearts ache, How can we be safe? Even if we lock ourselves down, our homes and our lives. Tumultuous is the pain, Heavy it reigns As we scramble away from each other and follow our own paths, Hear of thousands dying and thousands in pain, Millions perhaps someday!   The agony one feels, Of helplessness and loss, To the moon we have gone and back, Mars is in our grip we boast, Yet, why do we succumb to a blasted virus? Our populations decimated, Lives destroyed. Defeated by an enemy we can’t...

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POETRY | The Stylite by Christine Chu

Think not of me when the deep night lingers Kill me (if you can) but do not love me I pray you be safe from the taste of tears I was a songless dove, pure of desires Soaring with the clouds until you found me Think not of me when the deep night lingers We sang and danced through three wonderful years And found a home in an evergreen tree I prayed you be safe from the taste of tears Then I lost you (our songs still haunt my ears) I cried you an ocean; it drowned our tree...

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POETRY | Staying Indoors by Anuradha Chelliah

I realised staying indoors is not that bad recuperate, rejuvenate and relax could be done as well I do what I want having all the time for myself and family of course   I had it when it was limited but never realised never used it well never bothered there was rushing and hurrying to catch up on everything to complete everything the rat race   now, I have it again no time is a lot of time … time to be with loved ones the hugs and care time to reflect upon myself the good and the bad...

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POETRY | Three Marvel Hearts by Angelina Bong

Three heart emoticons pop up on my whatsapp, from a guy many air flights away   Lockdown. Malaysian borders are shut.  ‘Everyone can fly’ but not when Coronavirus invades faster than Thanos. My travel plans are reduced to the grocery stores.   He says he misses me, asks how am I doing? Shows me the flood disaster outside his yellow dusted apartment that kills a few. His city reeks of revolution anytime, waiting for Hulk to appear.   The Ironman we put on the Prime Minister’s throne to save us from corrupt villains resigned and replaced overnight by his...

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