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POETRY | The Morning Comes by Krishen Mohan

Ready to revel as mindless rebel, With a flag of no other, But mine own. This banner my skin, Hiding fool within. Let the morning never come, That this tongue may fly, Air dried, Flopping for chatter, Never for better. Let the morning never come, That I may let them spin, Unhinged thoughts twirl, Unfurl then hideous grin. Let the morning never come, In the night they rise, Sighing sophists be the wise, For the lack of light. Let the morning never come, Let this ride never end, Streaking down streets, Blurry signs a flurry, Moving going nowhere. Let...

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POETRY | Mother’s Cooking by Nuan Ning

Editor’s Note: This poem was first performed by Malaysian poet, Nuan Ning at the International University of Malaya-Wales Slam Off on October 16, 2019 where the 14-year-old emerged as a runner-up. It was such a delightful piece that we obtained Nuan Ning’s permission to post it here for you to enjoy. They were like chicken rendang. Sweet and spicy, and leaving you wanting more. They tasted of a pinch of curry powder topped with diced chicken and a sprinkle of turmeric; a tapestry of flavours woven intricately together like the colours on a sari. Different colours and flavours intertwined in a masterpiece painted...

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POETRY | Colours And Tears by Nay Universe

Colours and tears is really close to my heart as it was completed on my diploma graduation day. Since then, I focused on finishing the manuscript. So many people inspired me. People have come and gone and I’ve learned that they leave memories that have made me into who I am now. This book is essentially me speaking to people. Telling them how painful and joyful to experience love, loss and life. I lost my father recently at the age of 23. Since his passing, I have vowed to work twice, thrice harder. My manuscript for my book of poems,...

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POETRY | My Goddess by Dervin Frank

i want you i don’t just want you i want you i don’t think you understand i want you as much as the world needs calm i want you as much as heaven lacks harm as the feet long for one more mile as the chest hurts for one more breath as envy tastes oh so vile as to abandon you would mean my death i want you for pleasure and for pain i want you like chocolates and cocaine an obsession this is not an addict i am not but to you i am drawn without choice, reason...

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POETRY | The Reunion by Juliana Heng

Editor’s Note: This poem was first performed by Malaysian stand-up comedian and poet, Juliana Heng at the International University of Malaya-Wales Slam Off on October 16, 2019. It was extremely moving that we decided to obtain Juliana’s permission to share it with you here. Enjoy! The reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year is a cherished tradition of every Chinese family. It could be a huge gathering of a few generations under one roof, or just an intimate get-together with a few immediate family members. I used to have a reunion dinner every year, with my family of...

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