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Short Story | Pan That must die

feature image: Georgia O’Keeffe Gloria walked to the roadside curb to sit down, pulling the back of her short skirt to prevent her flesh from scorching on the cement pavement as she lowered her ass down. It was an hour past noon, on cue for the sun to be more than warmly felt on the dusty streets of Petaling Jaya, but that wasn’t good enough a reason to skip a cigarette break, in fact, if you ask, Gloria, there’s never a reason not to light up a stick. Cancer sticks they call it nowadays, she’d scoff hearing that from...

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Jack it up with Jack Malik

If you’ve been checking out the local poetry scene, then you might have come across an event called “Jack it!” that has been happening at Unit 23 Cafe in Shah Alam. And you might have wondered what this phrase meant and who it is referencing…well, Eksentrika spoke to the man who inspired the namesake, Jack Malik. It might appear that the 23-year-old Projek Rabak poet was aptly named due to his obvious love for sajak, because you know, sajack…but as it turns out, his real name is Muhammad Danial bin Malik! So what’s the story behind the stage name that...

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Can’t get enough of Allie Hill’s latest book “Just Enough”

Image credit: Allie Hill Local graphic designer cum illustrator Allie Hill has just released her latest children’s book and we can’t get enough of it! Titled “Just Enough”, Allie’s second book is colorful, simple and yet deeply profound. It tells the story of a little girl called Amelia and the adventure she has with her blanket. Through the book’s clever wordplay, Allie’s tale delivers an entirely unique interpretation to discovering happiness through a memorable and lovable character; Amelia’s grandmother. See, Amelia’s grandmother is a tailor who creates fabric using her magical sewing machine. Best part, the character was actually inspired by Allie’s own...

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Love and Light Spoken with Sheena Baharudin

Most of us who write poetry in high school, leave it at just that. But not Sheena Baharudin. Her words do not hide in pretty notebooks, sitting exiled on dusty shelves. No, her words have leapt off tattered pages onto the stage, where they scream, strut and dance around. She started off writing song lyrics and prose before dabbling in poetry as a teenager. And then, by a stroke of conscious decision, she entered the world of performance poetry and has since earned a name as a spoken word artist. Now, almost a decade after her first show in...

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Ubud’s PechaKucha presentation format – engaging or tricky?

Malaysian poet Melizarani T. Selva kicks off Ubud’s PechaKucha event. Image credit: Abdul Qayyum Jumadi Malaysian writer Abdul Qayyum Jumadi was recently selected by Fixi Novo to experience the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2016 at Bali, Indonesia from October 26 to October 30, 2016. The author of Deathwritten, a short story part of Fixi’s KL Noir: Yellow shares with Eksentrika his thoughts on the Pecha Kucha presentation format.  I arrived at about 12:30am in Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar. Thinking that Bali would still be alive in these hours, I made the mistake of booking a night flight (This is only...

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