You are my chutney

Hot and spicy, tangy and mild,

Best with thosai and idly

Sweet and sour of life.


You are my rice

I am your sambal

We make the best nasi lemak

Fiery and zesty in life.


You are my mutton curry

Juicy and savoury

Delicious with biryani

Sharing the secrets of life.


You are my coffee

I am your toast

We make the best breakfast

Bitter sweet of life.


You are my sun

Shining brightly

You shine when I’m down

You cheer-up my life.


You are the twinkling stars

In the dark skies,

You give me light

Promising a safe life.


You are my umbrella

I am your drizzle.

Protecting and caring

Forever and ever in my life.

***Header image sourced from Masterclass.

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