What is the price of your soul?
Can it be measured in silver or gold?
100K, 1 million, 1 billion… SOLD?
Or is it something no one can hold?

Enough to buy…
Silence, complicity,
A deaf ear and a blind eye,
Justification of duplicity…

What is the price of your soul?
Love, at its’ conditional best?
The promise of respect or status?
Being given importance above the rest?

Does integrity not matter?
Instead… a bought perspective,
Villification of any detractor,
Blind loyalty and obedience…

What is the price of your soul?
Tribal acceptance?
A beautiful facade?
Simply to be chosen or deemed special?

The price is dear,
Inside, you will rot,
It may be apparent to others… or it may not,
You will be unable to stave off the fear…

Of a life full of lies,
Scarcity mentality and poverty of thought,
Transactional relationships,
Insincere and full of fraught.

So, tell me…

What is the price of your soul?

*** Header image by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

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