Unrecognition :

Feels like 

having my feet nailed to the ground,

unable to move forward.

The more I want to break free,  

the more it grips me at every toe, 

keeping me rooted to the ground,

persistently reminding me

to yield to my fate. 


Unrecognition : 

Feels like

I am being smothered by a pillow. 

I tried to breathe, 

but nothing goes in. 

I tried to yell, 

But nothing comes out. 

Eventually I will be out of breath, 

My voice silenced to nothingness,  

calling me to yield to my fate. 


Unrecognition : 

Feels like

I am climbing the wall of a well. 

I saw light at the top, 

but as I tried to climb, 

the walls are shrouded 

with moss of cronyism, 

pushing me back 

into the deep cold ends of the well,

coercing me to yield to my fate. 


I know that my time is up

when the curtains of my eyes

can no longer hold back 

my liquid pearls from flowing out 

in the middle of the night…


I decided to pull out all the nails

that has been relentlessly gripping my toes,

I decided to knock out the pillow 

that has been smothering me,

I decided to tear off the moss 

that has been pushing me to yield to my fate.


Walking with bloodied feet, 

Breathing as though life was returned to me, 

Yelling with boundless joy, 

Climbing out of the well like an agile lizard, 

I will find a place 

that recognises the light in me!


*** Cover art by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

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