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“I go to a food stall and get served last, the seller acknowledging those with the same skin tone first.

I look for a salesperson but I get ignored, as again, skin tone matters.

I apply for jobs, but half of them want a certain skin tone, or in some cases, “those who can speak certain languages only”.

I want to buy a roof over my head, only to discover that I am not eligible for certain discounts. Can’t help wonder if it is my skin tone doing the talking again?

I open the papers and there’s an accident. First question that comes to my mind: how many people of different skin tones were involved?

I read about a murder: was it a fair skinned, mildly dark or dark skinned person who got murdered? What skin tone did the murderer have?

I read about a robbery: first question: was it a dark skinned person? And the victim: was it a fair skinned person?

I donated blood, and had to identify my “general skin tone”.

I want to apply for a shopping privilege card, and it asks the same thing.

I have a baby, and one of the first comment I get is on the skin tone (What happened to “congratulations, you have a healthy baby?” )

I read about humans helping humans: and I’m told about the skin tones of the persons involved.

And yet, we have persons of different skin tones enjoying music, regardless of who produced it

Enjoying food prepared by persons of different skin tones.

Enjoying movies produced by persons of different skin tones.

Adoring actors/actresses/artists/musicians of different skin tones.

Enjoying freebies given out by persons of different skin tones.

Enjoying the fruits of labour of persons of different skin tones for our own comfort.

And yet, we are blind and deaf to the tones of the Soul.

Tell me, what is the tone of my Soul?

Are you able to see Me, or this “outfit” I am in now?

Am I able to see Me?”


Written by Shreen Xaviar


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