Image credit: Brigid Vaughn

If I thought this was our last meeting,
I’d collect all our pictures and keep them safely.
If I thought this was the last moment that I hear your voice,
I’d listen to your speech attentively.
If I thought this was the last hug from you,
I would embrace you deeply from my heart.
If I thought this was our last drink together
I’d save the last sip of your coffee.
If I thought today was my last day on earth,
I’d tell you that our love is beyond death, eternal.
I’d love you for who you are.
If I thought this was our final journey together,
I’d spend the last night with you!

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Sumati Muniandy is currently an academic lecturer and a freelance writer. She has written articles in The Star and New Straits Times. She believes that there are great stories waiting to be discovered, lived, and retold at every corner, and people love to hear them. ‘A potpourri of poems’ is her 1st book.

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