The seeker’s heart is always silent.

Soaring in her own thought

of what life is becoming.


The seeker’s heart is always firm

For in her silence

she carries her world.


Deep down inside, she knows

Life is only a matter of time

and endless perseverance…


The seeker’s heart is always serene.

It has eyes that no one can see,

and ears that no one can whisper.


Her mind is preserved in serenity,

sanctified with resilience.

She knows what she wants,

and she chose what she becomes.


She sees with her heart,

and listen with her brain.

She feels with her heart,

and speaks with her mind.


She cares with her soul,

and loves with her heart-

wholesome and righteous,

handsome and courteous


For the Seeker knows

the essence of her silence…

the beauty of her existence…

and the little wisdom

it beholds.


*** Cover art by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

This poem was first published on Teynmoli’s blog. We’re looking for more short stories, poems and essays. If you’ve got some and aren’t shy to share it with the world, please drop us an email at Oh, do read our Submission Guidelines first. Here’s another poem you might enjoy. 

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