A loving moment
Two hearts united,
A cell created,
With love and affection.

A seed, planted in the soil,
Watered and nurtured,
Nurtured and nurtured,
Watched day by day.

Love and care
For the one and only
In the womb
Full of warmth and excitement.

The first sprout jutted out,
It was the happiest moment,
The smile on the face,
The sparkle in the eyes.
The cry,
The look,
The touch,
Are all miracles.

It continued to bloom
Beautiful red bud,
One, two and three buds,
The heart waited for it to blossom.

The best instants
The touch between
The mother and the child
Such a loving and fond moment.
The buds have bloomed,
With beautiful petals,
Bloomed happily, marvelled others
Making lives colourful and cheerful.

The first step, the first kiss,
The first hug, the first kick,
The first punch, the first words,
Paces to inspire the world.

The times comes
Dries and wilts
Melts the heart
With heartfelt sorrows.

The child and the seed
They grow to shine
They grow to inspire
They grow to cheer,
They grow to make lives colourful
They grow to make others smile
Sometimes, they drift apart
And shatter some lives, too.

*** Header image by Khoa Pham on Unsplash.

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