Photo by Enrapture Captivating Media on Unsplash

storms, a catalyst
our paths intersected as dark grey skies parted
shedding acid tears when you said immortality
meant nothing without me to gift you life
our fate was sealed as winds raged
from the four corners of the earth
scattering our essence across dividing continents
our end was predicted on paradise’s balcony
we stood as the sun was eclipsed by gloom
we looked as the first drops fell, realizing
we had been pulled past the point of salvation
our illusion of a reunion was destroyed by
thunder’s raging heartbeat, pounding in protestation
against the night sky, determined to prevent us
from re-enacting the scene of our calamitous death
storms, nature’s warning signs

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The name is Stephanie Lim. When I am not baring my soul on paper or through music, you can find me curled up with a good book. To read more of my work, you can visit my Instagram page.

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