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He’s the fire that dances brightly across the skies,
Painting it with bold strokes of red and yellow.
She’s the water that rocks softly against the shore,
Humming sweet lullabies in her native tongue.
He fell in love with her.
She fell in love with him.
He longs to touch her face but the flames
Go out with a scorching pain when he did.
She desires his arms around her but she
Would hurt him every time she gets close to him.
They were never meant for each other.
Their love hurts.
She feels lost and lonely,
He feels frustrated and distant from her.
They yearn for each others’ arms,
Long for each others’ touch,
But all they can do is just gaze into each others’ eyes
And hope for the best.
His, a blazing amber, hers, an endless abyss of blue;
He’s the fire that pirouettes on the shore;
She’s the water that watches him as he dances.
They can never hold each other,
Nor can they ever kiss like lovers do.
Because he knows that kissing her would be suicide,
And she knows that kissing him would be murder.


“My name is Delilah Ho and I am a student in The University of Nottingham Malaysia studying International Communications with English Language and Literature.I have always like writing and have always been fascinated with how different language works. And I firmly believe that the oxford comma is important even if people say otherwise.” Delilah’s poem first appeared in UNMC’s Literary Magazine, Particle.


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