Image credit: deconstructingyourself

The harder the rain poured,
The louder she screamed.
The wind accelerated with force,
Reigniting the once-forgotten reminiscence
And it sent her hair flying in various directions.
Memories as sharp as a sword bled her heart.
The tears burnt through her eye sockets,
Weakening her with each squeeze,
And of reliving the happier days.

With shoulders as heavy as the concrete barriers,
She sank to the grassy lawns on her knees.
Even in her dreams did his absence taunt her.
Regrets rose to the surface,
Threatening to burst open like fireworks in the sky.
Distance drove them apart
And hatred grew in their hearts like a spider’s web
Until death banged on her door,
Tormented her with his departure.

A lump grew in her throat,
As she cried her heart out at life’s cruel stroke.
They were each other’s replica,
Sealing them with the glue called endearment.
An empty place sat in the abyss of her soul,
The same spot that his love once occupied.
Even in death, she held onto him like a safety blanket.
He stole a piece of her,
And like him, her presence withered.

Ciana Carrie is currently a law student in Adelaide who has the penchant for writing. She loves to write short stories and poems in her downtime, incorporating her life’s experiences or thoughts about love and death into the creative pieces. Her journey with creative writing started when she was exposed to the world of reading as a young child struggling to find herself in a foreign land. When she’s not writing, she can be found buried nose deep in her legal textbooks or in her favorite book genres, i.e. romance and autobiographical.

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