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Click, click,
A selfie in the morning is a must
It’s my commitment to a great day
A great start for a fresh new day
With just a selfie
I don’t care what you say
Selfie is for me, not for you
Just for me the Selfie Queen
Selfies after my make-up
Builds my confidence
Selfies at the café
Improves my social status,
Selfies in front of my buddies
Shows I’m cool
Selfies with my boss
Calms me down
Selfies with my kids
Enhances my bond
Selfies for you and me
Anytime anywhere.
A selfie cheers me up.
Selfie on my WhatsApp status
Infuriates my friends
They like it but they don’t
Selfie on my Ig
Awaited by my followers
Never fail to impress me with their comments
Facebook is not complete without my selfie
With likes and GIFs
They make my day
No selfie!
No selfie!
Oh no!
My day, oh my day
Is gone, that’s it
A selfie is a must
I am always the Selfie Queen.

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Anuradha Chelliah works as a teacher in a primary school. She has ideas to write and has written articles to The Star. She is also a regular contributor to Eksentrika. Her previous poem can be read here:

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