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Giving in to negative labels,
Bad habits and all it enables,
That which does not serve you better,
Unconsciously feeling you don’t deserve greater.

A self-fulfilling prophecy, appeasing the voices,
Of the naysayers, party poopers,
The shine-dimmers and energy vampires,
The piss on your parade, joy and soul suckers.

The ever consoling, who show they “care”,
If things don’t go to plan, are always there,
Schadenfreude-ing in private, platitudes aplenty,
Secretly rejoicing, “I’m better”, with glee.

Never happy for you, when there is good news to be shared,
Downplaying, trivializing, focussing on what you “should” have instead,
A constant reminder of your shortcomings,
Via blatantly direct or subtly indirect means.

In keeping with your part, that they have chosen,
A meek shadow or a lady-in-waiting,
Ready to serve, but never deserving,
In your own life story, a mere token.

Always aspiring but never quite achieving,
Well, just scratch that narrative,
Imposed upon you and suffocating,
FYI, you don’t have to be a captive.

And so, you resist, but in your defiance,
Be careful that you have not become a supplicant,
To the message,”not good enough”, it screams with insistence,
Rebelling on the surface, yet internally subservient.

Remember, self sabotage is a form of people-pleasing,
In a roundabout, warped, manner notwithstanding,
The cacophony of negative voices believing,
In so doing, our best selves we’re cheating.

The rebel and the conformer,
More alike than dissimilar,
Whichever side, it doesn’t matter,
When you’ve given up your internal power.

Self-sabotage, is letting them win,
Giving them the satisfaction,
Of you buying into and believing in,
Fate is NOT sum total of the mindset within.

Figure out what sets off your trigger,
Each decision, a CHOICE, leading to something bigger,
Stop deliberating, stagnating,
Saying “just this once”, procrastinating.

A true battle is fought with fortitude,
A life full of kindness, love and gratitude,
Of dreams and goals pursued,
Of wonderful memories, hope and a gentle attitude.

The choice is yours,
Your life is in your hands,
Be mindful and aware,
Lest your mind become a snare.

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