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Ring ring goes my cell phone
blink blink goes its lights.

My cell phone
my life
My object of civilization.

In times of need
it is my companion
in times of sorrow
it is my saviour.

It comes with me
anywhere, anytime
the supermarket
the kitchen
the toilet
yes, everywhere!
it is right there with me.

I write stories with it
I type messages with it
I watch movies on it
I listen to music on it
I read books on it
in short, no task is complete with it.
It wakes me up in the morning
it allows me to play games on it
it reminds me of forgotten tasks
it informs me on important dates
days without it are horrendous.
Ring ring it goes
making me happy
knowing that out there…
I can still rely on…

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Thanusya Shanmuganathan is a Selangor-born novelist and writer. To date, she has written and published two Malay novels. She also has had her short stories published in various anthologies, all of which are in Malay. She is an active member of Kavyan Laureates Group (Kumpulan Sasterawan Kavyan) and has participated in various literature-related events. She currently lives in Petaling Jaya.

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