Image credit: Gostica

I have longed for you
through the ages
like how this primordial promise
longed for its own fulfillment
since the epoch of Creation.
And I know
that when all bridges
are burnt to ashes,
the last of citadels
razed to the ground
and all memories
come undone,
I will climb beyond
the final rungs on the ladder
to return to Your embrace
and become

Admirer of fine literary works regardless of genre and content, Kevin Lau has always found that the beauty of poetic expression stems from one’s longing to express inner experiences that often sound too inane for conventional diction. He claims that he only writes pseudo poetry – almost-there-but-not-quite-there-yet poetry. His maiden publication, a poem called ‘Shadows’, is featured in the Little Basket 2017 anthology by Fixi Novo.

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