Behold the butterfly’s lips

of swirling beanstalk,

Contouring face,

Entangling several huntress knots,

a girl/this girl

refused to commit the patriarchal system,

leaving behind the delusion she’d suffered for long

like a lovechild over lashes of grace;

A dream that has appeared by the river bank,

in the blanks, asking her to fill them

There, she portrays with a vivid smile,

unwrapping the last-ditch.

She looks on as the salt water breeze’s feeding –

upon her eyes, nose and unspoken lips,

Edelweiss is the mouthpiece, she uses to whisper –

of petals tarnished by daffodils, to represent

her loyalty towards the hurly-burly, here comes

a jar of whisky-ed swollen hearts, it’s time for her

to juggernaut and embrace the farrago of human nature.


Deborah Wong’s poems and short stories have been featured in ditch, Poetry Quarterly, Anak Sastra, Coffee Shop Poems, Red Fez, Mad Swirl, Banana Writers, Vox Poetica, Eastlit, Wish Poetry Press, The Tower Journal, Inwood Indiana, Message In A Bottle, Crack The Spine, Streetcake Magazine, The Stray Branch and forthcoming in East Jasmine Review. She is the editor-in-chief of ZiggyZag Arms Poetry Journal and the editorial board member for Eastlit. Follow her via Twitter and WordPress.

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