“I used to study paintings. Renaissance painting was my favorite among other art movements. Although renaissance paintings intrigue me, I felt closer to post-impressionist artists like Vincent Van Gogh. I don’t know why but every time I look at Van Gogh’s lesser known painting titled Night Cafe, I felt somewhat forlorn. I often think I was that woman in the corner, nursing what seemed like a pint of beer, with her possible lover by her side. I wrote a poem based on that painting too, of what might have been that woman’s thoughts,” Emilia writes to us.


And you left your baggage at the door,
Shouldn’t you be somewhere at eight past four,
Hands in your pocket, your spirit soared,
Scar tissue of mine,You’re licking me raw.

Whiskey tucked and ready to go,
Looking like an angel missing a halo,
I wish i never knew you,i wish you were a stranger,
I wish, i wish, you’d do away.

And in this Night Cafe,
You said you were weak,
You said you seek reprieve,
Could i help you to release?

With each meal i fed you well,
With each meal I’m deeper in hell,
Rum of trust, raisins of hope,
You swept away crumbs of tomorrow.

You wrapped me up in your web of lies,
I am jaded, I am high,
Haunted by your past,
Do you think this would last?

I love you, I love you,
I swear i do,
I hate you, i hate you,
I swear that’s true.
I wish you’d go away,I wish you’d stay,
I wish, I wish, you’d go away.

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