Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Lay the fiery stars in my darkest thoughts,
Maiden in six sink beneath this hollow void,
Live though, unsung, as tears unshed,
This hallowed melody for the undead,
Cometh above unto me, this holy lullaby,
I shall not cry, thou shall not die.

Remember, remember, the sky of red September,
The soul of yesterday, forbearing with forever,
This epitaph undo each and every moment undone,
Sacrosanct is sanctioning the maggots of our mind,
Silence, as the wind whisper lies of midnightmare dream,
This chain tragedy is shackling our voice, your scream.

The higher fire, desire to be remembered,
Terrorizing this thought, agonizing the unheard,
In this Garden Of Eden, I see the faithful Eve,
We arrive, dine and die, rewind and relive,
My lady, we shall run into the woods,
We shall try, forever try or die.

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Afiq Abruzzi is a Biological Science graduate from University of Malaya. Some of his short stories can be found on Cukaria. Creative living is his apotheosis.

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