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You, I promise you, it would hurt so bad now.

Some mornings you can’t even open your eyes because it is so sore and tired from crying last night. Sometimes, you’ll lay on the bed, wide awake with a literal heartache.

It’s okay, just breath gently and you’ll be fine. I promise you, it will go away.

Eventually, all things come to an end and one day you’ll learn to live without him.

You’ll learn to live without the firm hugs and warm kisses on your cheek.
You’ll learn to live without the “I love you”s in the middle of the night.
You’ll learn to live without constantly asking him how his day was.
You’ll learn to live without the love you felt for him that lingers pretty much in every ounce of your soul because you really, truly, did love him.

However, a part you knows that living without it all equates to living without the pain circulating your body when he only uses you to fulfil his deepest desires. When he seeks for your comfort when he’s lonely. When he seeks revenge, and despise you for the mistakes you make. When he no longer looks at you the way you do. When he no longer wishes to love more of you everyday.

I know, you choose to live with pain because at least the idea of an “us” would still exist.

But, no.
Let it all go.

I promise you, you’ll find someone who wants to build a future with you. They won’t just name your children or plan the city you both would live in, but they would work towards it. You’ll find someone who looks at you like the world isn’t watching, and wants to know every single detail about your childhood. You’ll find someone who cries when you walk away and fights for you to come back. You’ll find someone who makes you a priority because that is what you are. You are a priority.

Do not let someone belittle your worth just because they have you.

Love is more than a word, it is an action. It isn’t the sound of “I love you” that tugs at your heartstring, but it is the way they do.

So, go ahead and love.
Love someone that loves you too.


“I read a novel at the age of 13 and was inspired to start writing. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, I want to make this dream of being a writer come true so that one day I can inspire others to write. Write your feelings out. Write until it doesn’t hurt anymore.” – Preetijit Chaal

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