Live for Today by artist Keat


For all that is


or will ever be


is all that you will ever see


For ever is in the now

and now is in for-ever


Poet Kevin Lau
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Kevin Lau is a pseudo poet who delves into the art of what he calls ‘pseudo poetry’, almost-there-but-not-quite-there-yet poetry.

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Keat is a digital artist and designer who have been exploring computer graphics since 2005. Keat believes in the positive effects yoga and meditation can have towards oneself. Everything he does, from an idea, to action to creation, is just a reflection of his inner state. His artwork reflects this philosophy, as his inspiration comes from the concept of peace, nature and the realizations made possible by yoga and meditation. “As I immerse deeper into meditation, the deeper I immerse into life. A quote that stays deeply and truly within me is by Sadhguru as he says, “Peace is the A of life, not the Z of life. It is the most fundamental thing.” Since 2013, Keat’s work has been exhibited throughout Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan.