What do they have in common?

If love is nothing
If life slips away into the next room
And death…does not count
What is left between the hazy sky
And the rocky earth?

If everything remains exactly as it was
If you remained you,
And I am me,
Whatever I am to you
We are still
Would we live so fondly?

If life is untouched
If we remain still
Similar tone of sorrow
Same old tune of joy
Old familiar hope and dream
Would there still be
And smile?

When life becomes absolute
Nothing is obsolete
Continuity unbroken
Same spooky shadows
To follow us around.

We laugh at the same jokes
We think of the same memories
We speak in the same present tense
Is that what life was ever meant to be,
Is life an accident
A life sentence?

I am waiting for an interval
I am waiting for one brief moment
I am waiting for silence in my head
I am waiting for a quiet breathing.

I am waiting for daffodils in the winter
I am waiting for an oasis in the desert.

I am waiting for kizmet
Kizmet in love, life, death
Kizmet through joy and sorrow
Kizmet in crowded place
And empty space.

to find you
to finally fit.

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