Image credit: Davved

Ask me my dreams and hopes; I’ll present my tragedies,
Ask me my tragedies; I’ll present my dreams and hopes,
Look for what fuels my passion; you’ll see the void in me,
Look for the void in me; you’ll see what fuels my passion,

Force me to recall paradise; I could only imagine hell,
Force me to imagine hell; I could only recall paradise,
Trap me in a room with people, I wish to be alone,
Trap me in a room alone, I wish to be with people

Tell me to write my problems, I’ll show my fantasies,
Tell me to write my fantasies, I’ll show my problems,
Talk to me about my emotions, I’ll talk about my poetry
Talk to me about my poetry, I’ll talk about my emotions

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Hi. My name is Terence. I’m the curator of Kuching Poetry. That’s me pretending to be in-tune with nature. I post poems of questionable quality that references Kuching directly or indirectly on this blog.

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