I see it in movies, I see it in real life
I see the confessions of love,
The beauty of it and I realised
I want to wake up next to you, tomorrow maybe
In Manali, the snowcapped mountains, maybe
Or perhaps Shimla
Strolling along aimlessly down a path laden with flowers
To the poetic sound of a sitar

Drop by Agra, they said
To the city of love
Visit the Taj Mahal, the godly cosmos of real love
Exquisite, isn’t it?
But I have different paths to cross
Memories to erase and with you, I want it to close

You’re not my Shah, nor am I your Mumtaz
But this is our journey, a story about us
Wandering in the sandalwood forests
Or maybe in dreamy hills
Maybe in ancient architectures
Let the truth reveals itself
Through the sweet sounds of birds
Maybe the aroma of freshly brewed coffee
Or through the charming boulevards
Maybe the sunrise in Pondicherry

They’ve also handpicked Kashmir – a beauty second to none
A scene in Srinagar where Shammi Kapoor romancing Sharmila Tagore in her bun
Or should we go to Rajasthan and embrace the old-world charm?
Maybe relive Jodha-Akhbar’s epic love,
Swaying to the sound of the Bansuri,
Me wrapped in your arms

And should we be around people?
Or should it just be you and me?
Breathing the fresh breeze of Baga
The pleasant ambience, an exotic sandy retreat

I’m throwing you options but I’ll walk the bumpy paths with you
Through your ups and downs, I’ll be true to you
Whether this romance will spark by the glistening lakes
Or by the beaches in Goa
We’ll never know what it takes
For I’ve only seen it in movies
And a few in real life
Never experienced it myself
Maybe I will, the next sunrise

Maybe it won’t
But I will now leave it to chance
Just know that between me and you
There will always be this Indian romance
Warm and true, just me and you
Like tabla tarang
Our hearts beats for this Indian romance

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“My name is Pleant Rovella Kapple. I was born and raised in Kuching. Writing in corporate is my profession but I’m also a poet, songwriter, singer, rapper, composer and a music producer. I began writing songs and poems at the age of 8 – mainly influenced by my father. Although, he’s more of a songwriter. He writes songs in Bidayuh. Most of my poem collections are freestyle and thought-provoking. You can find poems in both English and Malay for all to enjoy and ponder upon. A lot of these poems are based on personal experiences that I need to pen down to keep my sanity. I like to play with vocabulary to create poems that are full of metaphors and emotionally deep. Critical thinkers may even need to read twice when they come across my contrasting ideas. Some of my poems are also relatable, especially to those who have been in a relationship and experienced heartbreak. Overall, my writing style is dark and long, but there are also poems for light reading. In my collection, you will also find poems that touch on life as a whole where I explore different themes like finding yourself, reminiscence, depression, and even politics. I don’t have a favourite poet or poem but I do come across some that I can relate to. I hope to leave the same impact on those who come across mine.”

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