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The day I was born,
I hoped to be great
To be a girl to help this place
I call my home
I came into the world
Shining like a bright star
Hoping to shine the future

I hope ……..
To be the best
From the first step I took
To the first book I read
I always hoped to be the best
I read good books
To gain knowledge to change me
From a little girl to an intelligent angel
To help little children with big hopes
To live in this challenging world

I hope……
To see a beautiful world
Children having fun
Without war and misery
I hope for the best clothes
For the children out there
For them to live comfortably
To have a good sleep
For a better tomorrow

I hope ……
For the best education
For fun learning and exploration
To help my brothers and sisters
To be the future leaders of the nation
To make this nation a wonderful place

I hope …….
For food on the plates of the poor
So, they have good meal
To go on with their life
I hope time will wait
For me to come and help
The people of my country

I hope ……
To get a job
To serve my country
With loyalty and be
A good citizen to my nation

I hope……
To be a mother for my children
To guide them to be good
To help them to make this nation a better place
To save the environment for the future generation
To make sure this world is safe to live

I hope……
To be a doting grandmother
To love my grandchildren
With full of love and care
To leave this world as a safe place
For young children to live happily

Hope never abandons anyone
I wish to give hope to the poor
That they have the will power
I wish to give hope to my friends
To succeed in life
I wish to give hope to my parents
That I will be a successful person
I wish to give hope to my neighbours
That we are in a safe neighbourhood
I hope for the best for my country

Anuradha Chelliah works as a teacher in a primary school. She has ideas to write and has written articles to The Star. She is new to Eksentrika.

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