“Why do you avoid me?”

Because you scare me.

“Why do I anger you?”

Because I fear you.

“Have I not done enough?!”

I am never good enough

That’s how you made me feel

“Don’t you care how I feel?!”

No, not anymore

And never will, anymore

“I’m trying to change”

I too, tried to change

But, did you know?

No, you don’t, no

How I feel stupid

Because of your words

How I feel weak

Because of your actions

Only when I had a twisted goal

And was ever so close

To meet my true Goddess

Were you alarmed and reflect

Or… Was it all an act

For your conscience and social face

Now, you say,

“You are good enough”

“I love you”

Well, forgive me,

I say

With dripping sarcasm


But, believe you,

I will not.

I shall not.

I cannot.

For you have planted eternally

The seed of the faith


I am never good enough

Not for you

But now, I have learnt

To live with that

I found others

Who, for, I rather be

Good Enough

*** Cover art by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

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