In the morning where you lay between the sheets,

Your soft touch lingers on my skin.

Mesmerized by your captivating eyes,

How can I deny the wonders they hold.


With you around,

Everything else is background.

Your smile. Your touch.

Just like a symphony at play.


The entire world could turn into poems,

Yet you’ll be the loveliest one.

Your lips, as soft as silk,

Sweet, like the flowers in spring.


You used to say how life is like a movie.

Perhaps that is why you never loved them,

But I can watch the world pass by,

As long as it’s you and I.


You are as beautiful as the sunset,

Though they only last a brief,

But their beauty,

Oh so amazing,

Despite how frequent one gazes at it.


As I lay in bed,

Never have I imagined.

What we had,

Is now but a faded memory.

*** Cover art by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

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