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Who I am is underappreciated.
I said, come, dance with me
This place is too colourful for us to be so standstill
Dance to my song – I wasn’t always this happy
Dance to our song – I was never this free
I’d like for us to dance and dance and dance till we pass out
If that’s okay with you. I want everything to be okay with you.
But you exuded boredom to my face
And suddenly I was a star without its glow
My head was filled with rage
I worked too hard for these dance steps to be forgotten
Your face looks familiar – like a useless man I am destined to avoid
I knew I deserve a better dance partner.
Slowly I isolated myself away from you,
But my foot is still tapping though
Under the spotlight, I am alone on this dance floor
Swirling my way through the song
My body moves to his soothing voice
My hair jumps along to his fancy riffs
“Yoouuu are noooot tooo blaaaammme foooorrrr.” I know, T.
Make him leave me alone.
Black never look so bleak
And in rainbows, I never felt so well.
I am in the wrong place but at the right time
I could leave and I could be a quitter.
Everyone around me walked away when the music ends.
So I hit replay,
And I knew I want to dance again.

Farhira Farudin is a Kuala Lumpur based writer who is currently pursuing her studies in Communication and Media. Her interests include Zadie Smith, writing angry poems, listening to Fiona Apple and Radiohead all day long and taking photos with disposable cameras.

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