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If children build words by tapping on screens
what will be the use of pencils and crayons
that used to scream
dots, zigzags and random lines
they don’t lie
but mouth circles and twirls,
ooh, what cute-looking stick people!

Blue, black, blossoms of pink.
If children build art by fingering on screens,
Pencil shavings once glued together
To shape flowers, birds and ruffled collars,
Now fall heaps in the bin
like wilted leaves and compost
oh how they have once been!

Where are the inky hands and doodles
spurts of paint blown through
straws like ribbons and noodles.
Crunch, crunch there goes the scissors
that gnaws on paper
and form an accordion of people in skirts and trousers.

Splish, splash.
Ooh, what is this I hear?
Feet trampling on water.
I look up through sheers of raindrops.
Not drones whizzing by
but children being wise
for over their heads
are not screens/fragile matter
but banana leaves
shielding them from leaky skies.

Children build all sorts with screens
But screens can’t screen them from rain or rays.
I smile
For a while
wildly enjoying this
for there is still hope
that children still remember
to write their names in dust
climb trees and live life with love and laughter.

Hezreen Abdul Rashid is a licensed instructor and has been teaching children  for eight  years in Kuala Lumpur.  Hezreen has also taught academic and research writing skills for foreign students at The University of Malaya where she  graduated  with  a  Master’s in Publishing Studies. She loves to travel, write, draw and has now picked up the art of growing mushrooms at home! She has published her first book for children entitled The Riddle on 22  Lane and is now coming up with her second book; The Twins on a Treasure Hunt Trail which will be launched this year. Despite her teaching abilities, Hezreen feels that children make the best teachers on earth. Follow Hezreen on Instagram!

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