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Do not show fear because it only makes them stronger, my dear.

They will turn you into dusts with their venomous tongue and sweep you under the rug and step on you like you are nothing.

Do not show eye contact because it is the thing that they use to jerk off to in the middle of the night.

Do not respond because your worth is not the degrading words that they spit at you.

Fight back, but don’t fight back because you still love the sunshine on your face and not on your grave.

Walk fast, keep your keys between your fingers like a cocked gun ready to fire into their empty brains.

Keep walking, even if their eyes are cutting holes into your body and words are fucking your body without consent.

Their whistles, words, and their penetrating eyes do not render you as a piece of meat and not a human being.

Keep your head high even if your entire body is shivering like a leaf and their ‘hey baby nice tits’ around your neck like a noose.

They cower at courage. They turn to insects at bravery. They disappear into the wind at your indifference.

Keep walking, and know that you do not exist within the ear-splitting whistles towards your body.

And know that, get home. Be safe. I love you.

“My name is Delilah and I am a final year student. Passionate about poems, coffee, dogs, and memes. This poem is inspired by real-life experiences.”

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