Artwork by Hajer Nasir

She wore bracelets full of flowers
Which to her they looked so pretty
But no one sees what lies beneath
The roses and the lilies

Her hair was the summer glow of June
While her eyes were both the stars and moon
But albeit the things that she would show
They would simply never know

The nights that bat under her lash
Stained her pillow with thorns and leaves
She’d wrap them ’round her head and wrist;
And these are the bracelets that you see.

– Hjr

“I’m a pessimistic idealist. I’m the kind of person who lives life in a glorified bubble, only to be mortified out of my mind to have it broken. Most people find it irrationally dramatic, but I enjoy expressing that drama in both my writing and art,” Hajer Nasir says. She can be followed on her WordPress site here. She is also on Instagram too where she posts alot of cool artworks!

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