Artwork by ghelalala

Say you’re sorry.

Don’t assess the facts but just apologize first,
So he would be mildly appeased,
Albeit still irritated at whatever it is he has convinced you is your latest crime,
On your long rap sheet of perceived stupidity.

Do not look him in the eye.

Always look down in remorse and submission,
Remembering always your place in this world,
And that you shouldn’t be so audacious,
As to ever look him in the eye.

Think simple thoughts.

Do not think about the times when you were a spit fire,
Fuelled by music and movement,
And when you used to scream,
At bad drivers out your window.

Think now only of his well-being and what you can do to feed his insatiable ego.

Because God forbid you have an opinion that differs from him,
Or you stand up to counter his ridiculous accusations,
That you know deep down are unwarranted,
And derive from the mental state of a child,
Hiding in the body of a grown man who says he knows better.

God forbid you rise,
To the full potential of the woman that you are,
And realize you really do not need,
This negativity & bullshit in your life,
That you are capable of so much more than him,
Without him.

God forbid that happens,
So just apologize,
And think later.

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Sheril A. Bustaman is the co-founder & project manager of FungryTV who occasionally attempts poetry & prose. She is also a keen fantasizer of a well-balanced life outside of work and has avid dreams of the future love of her life – a German Shepard.

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