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Glued to the television
Their noses buried deep in their smart phones
Digital devices are their heaven
24 hours online games
Ranting on the social web
Sharing their ideas
Posting pictures
Creating so much havoc

Gone are the days
Children playing in the field
And catching up with their friends for a cup of tea

Over protective parents
Jump on the bandwagon
Put their children under tremendous pressure
Not much fun as we had in the glorious days
Children lost their direction
Engaging in the digital world
Make friends with the unknown people
Lead to serious complications
Life time regrets.

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Sumati Muniandy is currently an academic lecturer and a freelance writer. She has written articles in The Star and New Straits Times. She believes that there are great stories waiting to be discovered, lived, and retold at every corner, and people love to hear them. ‘A potpourri of poems’ is her 1st book.

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