Artwork by NadiaSee

Come on over and take my hand,
There is something I’d like you to see.
Come on over and take my hand,
I can sense you are afraid but don’t be.

Take a deep breath and take a step,
The crevice you see is not that deep.
Take a deep breath and take that step,
By faith and belief you take that leap.

Now that you are here would you come and see,
There is something I would really want to show.
Look through that keyhole and see carefully,
Tell me, tell me what your eyes have behold.

Why are you shuddering why are you cold?
There are tears in your eyes oh my oh why?
What have you seen what have you behold?
What is this you ask oh why did you make me pry?

This is where I live my home my world,
Isn’t it beautiful isn’t it beautiful?
The key is with the privileged they open my world,
But I have lost the key oh I am such a fool.

Do you like what you see?
Would you want to come with me?
To live in my world to see what I see?
Would you take my hand and walk with me?

There’s only desolation you say,
A vast emptiness a vast destruction.
How can I call this my home you say,
When there’s only a gray canvas of obstructions.

Now you see what I see,
That I have lived amongst these.
But I have decided you see,
To recolour these dull canvas and be free.

Would you take my hand would you help?
Help me colour help me be free.
The key I’ve lost you’ve hide it in kelp,
Would you put into that keyhole with the key?

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An aspiring poet and writer in the making, Gem Yen discovered her love for writing when she started blogging during the Xanga days more than 15 years ago. She has since written for magazines and eventually became an editor for one of the top business magazine in Malaysia. She is currently running her own company called Gemnuine, a boutique branding firm that helps start-ups craft and position their company image in the market. She founded [Copy]writers Hub, a community where copywriters can come together to network, explore opportunities and learn from one anothet. Gem is a huge fan of Murakami’s works and is in love with tattoos. She is also a single mom with two very active boys.

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