Image by Cole Stivers from Pixabay

Sitting at the desk,
Looking at the board,
Staring at the textbook,
Copying and writing the questions,
Discussing with friends,
Completing the written work,
Handing in the exercise books,
It is the classroom blues.

Presenting at the front,
Standing with a mah-jong paper,
You do it, no, no, it’s your turn,
Passing the ball game starts,
Standing without opening the mouth,
Move … presenter presents,
Done … comes the comments,
The next classroom blues.

The class is in a mess,
Who is on duty?
Clean it before the teacher comes,
No responsibility,
No civic consciousness,
The lecture starts,
Not again,
Yet, another classroom blues.

On a good day,
The teacher does not come,
The work is still there,
Do this, discuss, complete,
Leave your books on the table,
But it is fun,
The rats have fun
When the cat is not around,
The best classroom blues.

Examination is on,
Squeezing the brains,
Vomiting the points,

Forgot, it is not coming,
Hands to the forehead,
Two knocks, ideas comes,
Answering starts and it is done
The most awaited classroom blues.

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Anuradha Chelliah works as a teacher in a primary school. She has ideas to write and has written articles to The Star. She is also a regular contributor to Eksentrika.

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