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Does Eating Sambal Belacan Make An Architect Spout Poetry?

Sometime in 2019, Ista and me stumbled upon a post on Facebook. It was an illustration, extremely minimalist, but had words in them in Malay, peppered with a little bit of English. It was as Malaysian as it could get and the post blew our mind. The person behind this work of art was Affendi Salleh. You’ve probably come across his posts on Facebook. They get shared like crazy. Best part? He also released a collection of all his Facebook posts into a book titled, Gelas Separuh Penuh. We simply had to get in touch with the man to...

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POETRY | God’s Right Hand Man By Joe Chan

Editor’s Note: This poem was first performed by Malaysian poet, Nuan Ning at the International University of Malaya-Wales Slam Off on October 16, 2019 where Joe Chan was awarded third place. It was such a delightful piece that we obtained Nuan Ning’s permission to post it here for you to enjoy. From the sambal chicken, To the pongteh pork. From the sambal petai, To the kunyit chicken. From the dried chilli, To the hot wok, Mother’s cooking, Oh my God. When she wakes up every morning, To sweep and mop the home, And to prepare breakfast, Mother’s cooking, Tops the servitude, Of God...

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POETRY | The Storm by Jayati Roy

I see thunder,I see rain,I see heaven’s rage,Descend upon this mane. The sky blackens,And the wind is a riot,How do we containGod’s wrath? Dark clouds gather all around,As if it’s a shroud,The sun of a while ago,Is a golden rim up yonder. The rain it pelts,With mighty gusto,Turning this landInto a state of limbo. But life goes on,This is no wonder,For the rain will stop,And the clouds will disappear. The heavens will smile again,Clear the skies and save its name,For man has to plod along,And finish his task – just the same! *** Header image by O12 on Unsplash.   Hey guys,...

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POETRY | HIT by Charles Chiam

She took aim Under the pale moon Her poisoned arrow Ready for her victim The graceful beast Feasting, unaware She fired Fast, silent Deadly Right between The greed-filled eyes Of the arrogant poacher The goddess smiled Having slain Another cruel idiot Though more will come She will be ready For her arrows Always hit their marks *** Header image by Steve Harvey on Unsplash. Hey guys, we’re looking for more short stories, poems and essays. If you’ve got some and aren’t shy to share it with the world, please drop us an email at Oh, do read our Submission Guidelines first....

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POETRY | The Leaking House by Ismim Putera

The house leaks As above, so below The rainwater tracks along the ceiling board Drenching all the dust And drips silently Onto my face At first I thought it was my tears From looking at The old house. The house leaks As above, so below Rainwater rushes through the cracked tiles Flooding all the sand And seeps softly Onto my feet At first I thought I was standing On a vast ocean surrounding The old house. The house leaks As above, so below But the love inside it, Never ran out, We swept the floor We dried the room...

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