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POETRY | An Ode To Vitiligo by Reshma Clare Stanislaus

Cover image credit Ash Soto. >> Brown, white, speckled, polka-dotty, Unpredictable and altogether spotty, Attempting a cure might drive one batty, In some folks leading to social anxiety. >> Regarding this condition,there are two main sub-types, On the body, appearing on either one or both sides, Segmental vs non-segmental, if you’re feeling specific, The symmetrical sort, most common and prolific. >> The cause is unclear, ill-defined and uncertain, Said to be due to an auto-immune reaction, May also be influenced by genetic origin, Injury or stress; a mind-body connection. >> Those who have it are not contagious, It’s harmless,...

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POETRY | Selfie Queen By Anuradha Chelliah

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash Click, click, A selfie in the morning is a must It’s my commitment to a great day A great start for a fresh new day With just a selfie I don’t care what you say Selfie is for me, not for you Just for me the Selfie Queen Selfies after my make-up Builds my confidence Selfies at the café Improves my social status, Selfies in front of my buddies Shows I’m cool Selfies with my boss Calms me down Selfies with my kids Enhances my bond Selfies for you and me Anytime anywhere. A selfie cheers...

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POETRY | Tempest by Stephanie Lim

Photo by Enrapture Captivating Media on Unsplash storms, a catalyst our paths intersected as dark grey skies parted shedding acid tears when you said immortality meant nothing without me to gift you life our fate was sealed as winds raged from the four corners of the earth scattering our essence across dividing continents our end was predicted on paradise’s balcony we stood as the sun was eclipsed by gloom we looked as the first drops fell, realizing we had been pulled past the point of salvation our illusion of a reunion was destroyed by thunder’s raging heartbeat, pounding in protestation against the...

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POETRY | Depression By Any Other Name by Reshma Clare Stanislaus

Image by John Hain from Pixabay Irritable and highly anxious, On edge and easily bothered, Publicly calm but privately fractious, Dark humour, emotions well guarded. Always on the go, Unable to go slow, Weary… don’t let it show, Not even your loved ones know. Performing your job well, Wouldn’t want to set off an alarm bell, Life goes on, There’s work to be done. Over or under eating, Over or hardly sleeping, Smoking, drinking, Can’t escape from thinking. Crying when no one’s watching, Just carry on marching, Sucking up your tears, Denying your fears. Days go by, in fits...

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POETRY | Maiden Of The Woods by Afiq Abruzzi

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash Lay the fiery stars in my darkest thoughts, Maiden in six sink beneath this hollow void, Live though, unsung, as tears unshed, This hallowed melody for the undead, Cometh above unto me, this holy lullaby, I shall not cry, thou shall not die. Remember, remember, the sky of red September, The soul of yesterday, forbearing with forever, This epitaph undo each and every moment undone, Sacrosanct is sanctioning the maggots of our mind, Silence, as the wind whisper lies of midnightmare dream, This chain tragedy is shackling our voice, your scream. The higher fire, desire to...

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