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A story without words | Sefa

Sometimes the only way to express your soul is silently. This is at least true for Sefa, a Malaysian mime artist, who reveals to Eksentrika his passion for a wordless performance.  Contrary to the notion associating mimes with clowns and fooling around, Sefa considers it an artistic medium to express different shades of thought and emotion. The 28-year-old is especially influenced by French actor Étienne Decroux’s corporeal mime and attempts to fashion his own pieces after the  mid-20th century mime icon. As someone who writes and recites his own poetry, Sefa says he found mime to be a more challenging and complex form of expression....

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What is Eksentrika?

Hey there! At Eksentrika, we tell stories and share ideas about the arts, culture and people, from a little desk in Malaysia. Our story. In 2016, a month before Ista was to deliver our little girl, the Malaysian Insider closed shop. We struggled to make ends meet but we managed to sustain ourselves through the support of well wishers and friends. That’s when we decided to take a different route. An unconventional one. Instead of writing about politicians as we used to during our days as journalists, we felt that we needed to put our writing skills to good use by writing about talented and creative Malaysians. So we found Eksentrika. It was not easy. We faced ups and downs and criticisms. We were never editors. We never knew what marketing was let alone how to properly manage a content website. But we persevered. We learned. We grew. Now, we are proud to say that more than 500 talented Malaysian creatives including artistic brands have been featured on Eksentrika. Our goal is to double the figure above by featuring more creatives everywhere. We are Malaysia’s first and only arts & culture content website of its kind because we cover diverse creative art forms. We’re also a breeding ground for young and budding (and also home to the old and humble) creatives who’ve been using Eksentrika to express themselves creatively. From...

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