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POETRY | Self Sabotage by Reshma Clare Stanislaus

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash Giving in to negative labels, Bad habits and all it enables, That which does not serve you better, Unconsciously feeling you don’t deserve greater. A self-fulfilling prophecy, appeasing the voices, Of the naysayers, party poopers, The shine-dimmers and energy vampires, The piss on your parade, joy and soul suckers. The ever consoling, who show they “care”, If things don’t go to plan, are always there, Schadenfreude-ing in private, platitudes aplenty, Secretly rejoicing, “I’m better”, with glee. Never happy for you, when there is good news to be shared, Downplaying, trivializing, focussing on what you “should” have instead,...

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POETRY | Cherish Passenger by Jane Ng

Photo by Capturing the human heart. on Unsplash Circumstances have put half a continent between us, my friends, and yet the love we shared remains by my side. It rides with me, a cherished passenger on this voyage through dark nights and dreary days, rising like a sun that warms against life’s chills, a brilliant sun that is mine alone. I remember those many years ago, how you took me in, a stray at your door, far from home. And all the late nights of storytelling and drinking too much wine, and how the laughter roared out of us and bound us...

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POETRY | Ring Ring by Thanusya Shanmuganathan

Image by ijmaki from Pixabay Ring ring goes my cell phone blink blink goes its lights. > My cell phone my life My object of civilization. > In times of need it is my companion in times of sorrow it is my saviour. > It comes with me anywhere, anytime the supermarket the kitchen the toilet yes, everywhere! it is right there with me. > I write stories with it I type messages with it I watch movies on it I listen to music on it I read books on it in short, no task is complete with it....

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POETRY | An Ode To Vitiligo by Reshma Clare Stanislaus

Cover image credit Ash Soto. >> Brown, white, speckled, polka-dotty, Unpredictable and altogether spotty, Attempting a cure might drive one batty, In some folks leading to social anxiety. >> Regarding this condition,there are two main sub-types, On the body, appearing on either one or both sides, Segmental vs non-segmental, if you’re feeling specific, The symmetrical sort, most common and prolific. >> The cause is unclear, ill-defined and uncertain, Said to be due to an auto-immune reaction, May also be influenced by genetic origin, Injury or stress; a mind-body connection. >> Those who have it are not contagious, It’s harmless,...

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POETRY | Selfie Queen By Anuradha Chelliah

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash Click, click, A selfie in the morning is a must It’s my commitment to a great day A great start for a fresh new day With just a selfie I don’t care what you say Selfie is for me, not for you Just for me the Selfie Queen Selfies after my make-up Builds my confidence Selfies at the café Improves my social status, Selfies in front of my buddies Shows I’m cool Selfies with my boss Calms me down Selfies with my kids Enhances my bond Selfies for you and me Anytime anywhere. A selfie cheers...

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