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ESSAY | The Lizard In My Room by Mwaffaq Alhajjar

When I first arrived in my new house in Kuala Lumpur, I stayed up all night, watching lizards in the kitchen, the corridors, and the toilet. I was worried they might come into my room. I slept on the sofa. It was the first time I ever saw a lizard. Luckily, that moment was temporary. I have always dreamt of having a private room. A private room where I can listen to my kind of music all night. Where I can speak out loud to myself. Where I can sing to the walls, and recite poetry to the mirror....

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How To Tell Stories That Live In People’s Memories?

Storytelling is an art. From short stories, novels, comics, films, music, and even theatre, the question on many who dabble in storytelling has always been about: What makes a good story? To tackle this difficult question, we recently spoke to Malaysian novelist, playwright, and left-field theatremaker, Ridhwan Saidi. The 34-year-old is also the co-founder of indie publishing outfit, Moka Mocha Ink which publishes contemporary fiction and theatre scripts in the Malay language. Ridhwan also serves as a research member of LiteraCity, Kuala Lumpur’s literary mapping project. Throughout his journey as a storyteller, Ridhwan has produced several novels including Cekik...

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What Arts And Culture Events Are Happening In Malaysia This Week?

This list is updated weekly.  Last Updated: March 13, 2020. What fun, artistic and educational aka artsy events are on near you in Malaysia this week? Here's what! Click To Tweet This is a handy list which comprises of events categorised into 8 sections: Music, Arts & Craft, Theatre, Comedy & Musicals, Literature & Poetry, Film & Photography, Dance, History & Culture, and Auditions, Open Calls, Workshops & Competitions. This page is updated every Sundays. We recommend bookmarking this page to keep yourself on the look out for artsy events and happenings near you. Click on event titles to...

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The KITA! Podcast Is Now One Of Our Top Podcasts To Listen To. Why?

A show of hands those of you who listen to podcasts while stuck in traffic. Podcast is gradually gaining in popularity in Malaysia as more and more are realising how much control they have when it comes to what they listen compared to radio stations. Thanks to apps such as Spotify, Castbox, SoundCloud, and more there are thousands of podcasts to choose from. The topics covered are diverse: From personal finance to art to even dental hacks. Recently, we came across a podcast that just blew us away. Not only was it well made, there was so much of...

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How To Review An Art Exhibition In A Fun And Insightful Way?

How do you review artworks in a gallery? What goes through your mind when you’re observing an art piece? How do you even observe the artworks displayed? How do you then translate what you’ve experienced visually onto paper? For the common man, reading a review on an art exhibition is like reading the business section in the newspapers. They’re complex, academic, riddled with jargons, and worse — boring! In short, they’re non-inclusive. So when we recently stumbled upon Malaysia’s father of animation, Hassan Muthalib’s humorous but in-depth review of filmmaker, photographer and visual artist Sherman Ong’s exhibition, Cock Head & Other...

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