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Aku Hidup Dalam Blues novelist Toyon passes on

All images credit Aku Hidup Dalam Blues Facebook Fan Page Today morning, Malaysians learnt the sad passing away of a legendary graphic novelist, Azzam Supardi, who passed away due to heart related illness. Azzam – who also goes by his pen name Toyon – was no stranger to the local literary and arts scene. He is well received for Aku Hidup Dalam Blues, a graphic novel which he collaborated with cartoonist Aie (Shaari Sulong). First published in the now defunct Malay language comic magazine, Ujang, in 1994, the novel was then cartoonised into Blues Untuk Aku, a bold attempt by Aie...

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Websites to bookmark if you love the Malaysian art scene

These couple of years have seen a number of local websites being set up, dedicated in promoting the Malaysian art scene. Some act as virtual spaces where events and happenings can be shared, others act as a medium where discussions on the local creative scene takes place, while a few more curate and produce writings related to the arts. From writings, to films to poetry, we’ve got you covered on the websites that you MUST bookmark in order to keep yourself updated with the local creative scene. ***Pssst! To access the sites, simply hit their names in pink.  Kakiseni...

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Travelling without a camera? Check out this awesome hack!

While most people these days travel with their hands glued to a smart phone or camera device, Ahmad Hakym gets by with a bagful of sketching tools. Instead of snapping as many photos in as many angles as possible, he simply finds a scenic spot, where he can linger long enough to soak up the sights, sounds and smells, which he then transfers onto his sketchpad. As long as he has his little “Doraemon” bag, with compact size watercolours, spray bottle, brushes, sketchbooks, watercolour postcards and tissues, he’s all set. A post shared by Ahmad Hakym Ahmad Hilmy (@kymioflario)...

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Get to know these 10 inspiring Malaysian mums who art with heart

International’s Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8 (and through the entirety of March) and didja know, this year marks exactly 100 years since a bunch of lassies sparked the Russian revolution by demonstrating for “bread and peace” in Saint Petersburg… Seven days later, the Tsar was kicked out, women got to vote and now we commemorate that fateful day as an tribute to the “fairer sex”.  But guess what, I think it’s safe to say no one was kidding on that bit about the hand that rocks the cradle...*cue Beyonce music “Who Run the World? (Girls, girls!) Which...

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SHORT STORY | Agoraphobia

Image credit: Getty Images   The start of the summer holidays were an iridescent glow of cold showers and hot rain. I was on my way to Boarding school in Autumn — I just had to pick one first. So the next thing I know I am out in my father’s reconditioned BMW, wanting to take out my girlfriend to a burger joint, one I can only assume, was reminiscent of one in Los Angeles. If I am not mistaken there is a nostalgia joint called In ‘N Out Burger, but I can never be sure. Neither me nor...

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