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POETRY | Neither Dream Nor Fable by Yanna Hashri

The silence fled like a thief in the night. In its place, the fire made the loudest and emptiest bed you’d ever seen. We all heard the gods and their crops screaming like animals as they burned until the town was nothing but ash. We were hungry and desperate, you see. So we dug up the old graves and sucked the pain from our grandmothers’ bones. Whatever we didn’t retch on, leeched deep into our skin till we turned white as ghosts. What do you know about it, child? You weren’t there to see how many people fell from...

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POETRY | Love is a Luxury by Angelina Bong

FLAMES OF LOVE By Angelina Bong Acrylic on Canvas. 16 X 20 inches. Love is a luxury for people like me who have fleeting crushes like cravings for fried chicken wings that are too quickly replaced by kimchi. The curls that taunt my memories every second shifts the very next day to brown eyes that are too kind to call my own. Penning sonnet that swoons over that special bass voice soon switches to a velvety remark from a dentist. Love is a luxury for people like me who have no time for proper dates. Each precious minute is...

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POETRY | Inversions by Terence Aaron

Image credit: Davved Ask me my dreams and hopes; I’ll present my tragedies, Ask me my tragedies; I’ll present my dreams and hopes, Look for what fuels my passion; you’ll see the void in me, Look for the void in me; you’ll see what fuels my passion, Force me to recall paradise; I could only imagine hell, Force me to imagine hell; I could only recall paradise, Trap me in a room with people, I wish to be alone, Trap me in a room alone, I wish to be with people Tell me to write my problems, I’ll show...

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POETRY | Indian Romance by Pleant Rovella Kapple

I see it in movies, I see it in real life I see the confessions of love, The beauty of it and I realised I want to wake up next to you, tomorrow maybe In Manali, the snowcapped mountains, maybe Or perhaps Shimla Strolling along aimlessly down a path laden with flowers To the poetic sound of a sitar Drop by Agra, they said To the city of love Visit the Taj Mahal, the godly cosmos of real love Exquisite, isn’t it? But I have different paths to cross Memories to erase and with you, I want it to...

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POETRY | By Kevin Lau

Live for Today by artist Keat * For all that is was or will ever be now is all that you will ever see * For ever is in the now and now is in for-ever   Kevin Lau is a pseudo poet who delves into the art of what he calls ‘pseudo poetry’, almost-there-but-not-quite-there-yet poetry. Keat is a digital artist and designer who have been exploring computer graphics since 2005. Keat believes in the positive effects yoga and meditation can have towards oneself. Everything he does, from an idea, to action to creation, is just a reflection of his inner...

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