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POETRY | Autumn by Juliana Heng

When I was a kid, I was an oddball. Nobody wanna play with me, except Autumn. Autumn plays with me everyday Have meals with me during recess and went to the library with me to disappear into good books together. I cannot focus on my homework. Autumn coaxed me gently : “Finish your homework fast fast, then we can play together!” We finished our homework before school ended. Such maturity for a young child. Autumn is an enigma. The moment she landed her eyes on your phone number & IC number, she will call you on your birthday every...

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POETRY | You Are My Chutney by Anuradha Chelliah

You are my chutney Hot and spicy, tangy and mild, Best with thosai and idly Sweet and sour of life.   You are my rice I am your sambal We make the best nasi lemak Fiery and zesty in life.   You are my mutton curry Juicy and savoury Delicious with biryani Sharing the secrets of life.   You are my coffee I am your toast We make the best breakfast Bitter sweet of life.   You are my sun Shining brightly You shine when I’m down You cheer-up my life.   You are the twinkling stars In the...

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POETRY | What Is The Price of Your Soul by Reshma Clare Stanislaus

What is the price of your soul? Can it be measured in silver or gold? 100K, 1 million, 1 billion… SOLD? Or is it something no one can hold? Enough to buy… Silence, complicity, A deaf ear and a blind eye, Justification of duplicity… What is the price of your soul? Love, at its’ conditional best? The promise of respect or status? Being given importance above the rest? Does integrity not matter? Instead… a bought perspective, Villification of any detractor, Blind loyalty and obedience… What is the price of your soul? Tribal acceptance? A beautiful facade? Simply to be...

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POETRY | Grateful Takalah Truly Am by Takalah Tan

Editor’s Note: I first came across the mighty Takalah Tan after coming across a viral tweet by a Singaporean. Turns out, Tan has a story that is so inspirational that I wrote about it on Mashable Southeast Asia. Long story short, Tan started out as a healthy, successful and handsome young man who had a bright future ahead of him. He was a top student, an award winning athlete and life was going great for him. But tragedy struck leading him to suffer from a severe brain injury. The amazing part about it, he bounced back. Here’s Takalah’s story. ...

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POETRY | You Bake Me Crazy by Jane Ng

Image by Brooke Lark She put me in the oven to bake. I am feeling hot, and I start to bubble.  Looking at my friends, I know I am in trouble. She opens the door, and I begin my new life. Frosting me with a silver knife, Decorating me with candy jewels. The rest of my batch looking like fools. Lifting me, she takes off my wrapper. Feeling the breeze, I want to slap her. Open her mouth bite me with her shiny teeth.  Ouch! and I die. Enjoyed this poem? Here’s more.  POETRY | Cherish Passenger by Jane...

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