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POETRY | Faded Memory by John Prabakaran Solomon

In the morning where you lay between the sheets, Your soft touch lingers on my skin. Mesmerized by your captivating eyes, How can I deny the wonders they hold.   With you around, Everything else is background. Your smile. Your touch. Just like a symphony at play.   The entire world could turn into poems, Yet you’ll be the loveliest one. Your lips, as soft as silk, Sweet, like the flowers in spring.   You used to say how life is like a movie. Perhaps that is why you never loved them, But I can watch the world pass...

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POETRY | I Dedicate This Playlist To You by Avery De Witt

What would I give What would I sacrifice To re-live that night We spent together Talking Touching Falling When only silence escaped my lips My heart was already wound to yours As you poured yours out Through indescribable harmony On your four-stringed, beat-up instrument My every thought Every excitement Every hour My muse One I never knew I needed in so many years *** Cover art by Mariah Ashby on Unsplash  We’re looking for more short stories, poems and essays. If you’ve got some and aren’t shy to share it with the world, please drop us an email at Oh,...

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POETRY | Traditions by Nuan Ning

Editor’s Note: This poem was first performed by Malaysian poet, Nuan Ning at the International University of Malaya-Wales Slam Off on October 16, 2019 where the 14-year-old emerged as a runner-up. It was such a delightful piece that we obtained Nuan Ning’s permission to post it here for you to enjoy.     Traditions are the sons of daughters of culture I am the daughter of two cultures. My father, and his swirling teo chew, whispering to us at the crack of dawn, lulling us out of bed to have dim sum   across the street. My mother, with clicking Hokkien laced into...

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POETRY | The Seeker’s Heart by S.Teynmoli Subramaniam

The seeker’s heart is always silent. Soaring in her own thought of what life is becoming.   The seeker’s heart is always firm For in her silence she carries her world.   Deep down inside, she knows Life is only a matter of time and endless perseverance…   The seeker’s heart is always serene. It has eyes that no one can see, and ears that no one can whisper.   Her mind is preserved in serenity, sanctified with resilience. She knows what she wants, and she chose what she becomes.   She sees with her heart, and listen with...

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POETRY | Good Enough by Charles Chiam

“Why do you avoid me?” Because you scare me. “Why do I anger you?” Because I fear you. “Have I not done enough?!” I am never good enough That’s how you made me feel “Don’t you care how I feel?!” No, not anymore And never will, anymore “I’m trying to change” I too, tried to change But, did you know? No, you don’t, no How I feel stupid Because of your words How I feel weak Because of your actions Only when I had a twisted goal And was ever so close To meet my true Goddess Were you...

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