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Gerakbudaya’s Onde Onde brings more openness to an open mic

(From left) Alana Azlan, Nana, RJ Kevin, Arisha Akhir, May Chong, Hon-Wai, Aiman. Image credit Leong Qi Tyng Imagine an open house feel to an open mic event. How would you do it? Gerakbudaya aptly named their recently held first open mic event as Onde-Onde Open Mic. Turns out, the organizer, Hon-Wai, wanted to bring an open house feel to the event. Basically something more Malaysian than usual lah! In order to create the open house environment, there were childhood snacks Malaysians would recognize and squeal over to be munched on while mingling. The seating had a relaxed and...

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5 reasons to go for Art Battle Malaysia #3

It looks like a full on art-attack this month as Art Battle Malaysia #3 rolls around the corner this October 14, coinciding with the glorious month of Inktober. The daily drawing challenge started by American illustrator, Jake Parker is now a global exercise in inspiration and if you can handle a wee bit more than that, you should check out Art Battle Malaysia, started by our very own Malaysian artist, Ruby Subramaniam. Before bringing this fun-tastic speed drawing competition to home soil, Ruby was herself a participant in Art Battle Brazil back in 2016. She was a solo-travelling wanderer...

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How to discover your inner slam poet in Malaysia?

Are you a poet for the page or the stage? This might seem tricky if you’re still juggling with the “Are you even a poet?” question. But if you could discover the answer to the first question, clarity for your identity might ensue for the next. At least, that’s what I gleaned from the low down with seasoned spoken word poet, Jamal Raslan. His name has been a staple mention since 2010, peppered throughout the scant news articles on the Malaysian spoken word scene. From what I gather in the tight circle of local poets, Jamal is considered an...

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What are Singaporeans stirring up in Ipoh Old Town now?

Feature image credit: CEX This August, a bunch of Singaporeans and their Malaysian kakis are going to cause a ruckus in Ipoh. They are going to paint the town red, blue, green, yellow and more….literally! Not only that, they also plan to create some drama on the streets! Who are these fellas and what’s the hullabaloo about, you say? Well, CausewayEXchange (CEX) 2017, the one and only platform supporting cultural and artistic reciprocity between Singapore and Malaysia, is going to be held in Ipoh from August 24 until August 27. What this means is that, on those dates, you...

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Malaysian independent publishers and bookstores you HAVE to bookmark!

Feeling adventurous in your pursuit of reading? Our independent publishers and bookstores are here to deliver a varied range of literature to liven up your bookshelf. Independent (or more commonly known as ‘indie’) publishers and bookstores operate on a smaller capacity and are more receptive or even encouraging towards experimental writing, as opposed to large-scale, mass-producing commercial publishers that churn out popular mainstream titles. Notwithstanding their niche nature, independent publishers and bookstores are ideal alternatives to broaden your reading horizons. Here are several independent publishers and bookstores to look out for on your next book hunt! Pssst! Click on...

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