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How To Review An Art Exhibition In A Fun And Insightful Way?

How do you review artworks in a gallery? What goes through your mind when you’re observing an art piece? How do you even observe the artworks displayed? How do you then translate what you’ve experienced visually onto paper? For the common man, reading a review on an art exhibition is like reading the business section in the newspapers. They’re complex, academic, riddled with jargons, and worse — boring! In short, they’re non-inclusive. So when we recently stumbled upon Malaysia’s father of animation, Hassan Muthalib’s humorous but in-depth review of filmmaker, photographer and visual artist Sherman Ong’s exhibition, Cock Head & Other...

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10 Brilliant Minds To Selfie With At The George Town Literary Festival 2019

Do you think Malaysia needs more rebel rousing free spirits to take lead of the nation’s thoughts? Whether you say yay or nay, we recommend you plan a visit to the historical city of George Town in Penang for the George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) 2019. The four-day fest held between 21 -24 November, 2019, is themed “forewords/afterwords” and set to feature some of Asia’s most provocative literary champions, ranging from fearless poets to crusaders of journalistic integrity and bastions of cultural preservation. Apart from the regular selfies with people who have their own Wikipedia-listing, you just might score...

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8 Tips To Be A Stand-Up Comedian Based On Personal Experience

How does one become a stand-up comedian? Do you go up to the most popular comedian in your country and ‘apply’ for the job? Sadly, no. Below are a set of tips that I have come up with from personal experience. Tip 1: Write some jokes. Doesn’t matter what the jokes are, just write them down. Tip 2: Find an open mic show. These gigs are like a showcase for amateurs trying out stuff be it music, poetry or juggling. Get on their line up and wait. Try to hold back the nerves and when your time comes, go...

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How To Submit Your Writings To The Right Publisher?

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash. These are some crucial practises to know of in the event you’re thinking of submitting your short stories, poems, essays and other forms of write-ups to publishers. But before we begin, this post first appeared in the Malaysian Writers Community Facebook Group by Jaymee Goh. Here’s a quick introduction on the writer: Jaymee is a Malaysian writer, reviewer, editor, and essayist of science fiction and fantasy who is currently based in the U.S. She is also the editor of Tachyon Publications. Her post was a response to questionable publishing and submission models practised by certain...

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Who Is Yasmin Ahmad? Personal Stories By Malaysians Who Knew Her.

Image credit Yasmin at Kong Heng. In 2009, Malaysia lost a precious soul. Yasmin Ahmad was only 51 when she returned to the Maker. The filmmaker collapsed, unexpectedly, at a work meeting. She had been suffering from a brain hemorrhage. The news shocked a nation, who had felt her love through her work in television ads. Until today, her name is synonymous with that special way of storytelling, a mix of humour, love and unspoken realities that most Malaysians will easily relate with. She boldly treaded where others feared to go, touching on taboo themes such as interracial love and...

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