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POETRY | God has disappeared… by Mazlan Noor Along

Image credit: the presence of men of letters from the world over…what’s the purpose? esteemed men of letters the cultured among the cultured the poets among the poets in the realm of the verses cascading from the hearts the minds and the good deeds with hopes so desired hoping for a world that understands the trials and tribulations of some people of misfortune and pain breathing in despair…living in sorrow some have lived years of sadness some lived in obscene richness the fall of civilization starts from the top leaders with full intent…creating the homeless allowing the living...

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POETRY | Grains by Debra Abraham

Image credit: This poem was written in memory of my grandmother who passed away 25 years ago. As a child I spent a lot of time with her at her home in Sungai Petani where she reared chickens. This poem will walk the reader through the simple joys of small town life.   From the darkness of the room I see the glare of the fluorescent light Stealing through the louvers Setting the stage for the rays of daylight. A scuttle, A rush, The sound of ruffled feathers, The crowing of the rooster, The ever faithful newsbearer, Of the...

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POETRY | Suicide, Murder

Image credit: Pinterest He’s the fire that dances brightly across the skies, Painting it with bold strokes of red and yellow. She’s the water that rocks softly against the shore, Humming sweet lullabies in her native tongue. He fell in love with her. She fell in love with him. He longs to touch her face but the flames Go out with a scorching pain when he did. She desires his arms around her but she Would hurt him every time she gets close to him. They were never meant for each other. Their love hurts. She feels lost and...

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POETRY | The Tones of Skin

Image credit: Mccollegeblog   “I go to a food stall and get served last, the seller acknowledging those with the same skin tone first. I look for a salesperson but I get ignored, as again, skin tone matters. I apply for jobs, but half of them want a certain skin tone, or in some cases, “those who can speak certain languages only”. I want to buy a roof over my head, only to discover that I am not eligible for certain discounts. Can’t help wonder if it is my skin tone doing the talking again? I open the papers...

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POETRY | Timelines and Tangents

Image credit: Time by black-cats-art So you have lovers, eh? You should reveal their coordinates in you so that they could revel yours in them. As you and them shall finally found each other at that imminent meeting minute of the successful search set-series, never will a timeline of any type would trigger-thrust separation of any sort. Thus plurality perishes, as the supremely sooth-full, sought-after singularity by the uniquely utmost utter union swiftly swarms your severely sick-less, spurningur-less self, seamlessly. Savvy? So, you have lovers? Part time writer and a fortnightly footballer, full-time freeloader called Fruhail T. Ripana was once...

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